Record Tourism Figures In Spain Increases Investment Potential

Summer came and went all too quickly as usual, but this year it will be one that does not fade from the memories and has left a hugely positive impact on any business connected to tourism in Spain.

As expected the summer season has been busy and early on in 2016 tour operators and hoteliers were already reporting full occupancy in parts of Spain, however recently released figures from the Spanish tourism office have shown that across the board tourism was up by 18.6% compared to 2015.

Despite the recent hammering that the British pound has taken again the Euro post Brexit it is even more encouraging to see that almost 2.2 million of the total of 9.57 million tourists were indeed British. The total number of foreign visits to Spain from January to July stand at 42.4 million with Brits making up 10.14 million of those numbers and leading the way with an overall standing of 15.3% throughout 2016.

Within this wave of tourism Spain has also seen a big increase of German, Scandinavian, French, Belgian, Dutch, Irish and Italian visitors making up the bulk of European visitors.

It highlights the popularity of Spain as the number one choice of tourism destination of not just the Brits but also an international demographic of holidaymakers looking for a safe and affordable holiday destination.

The increase in tourism has also had a natural effect on all business within the sector including bars, restaurants, supermarkets, retail outlets, car hire and many more industries that are all reporting double edged benefits of increased bookings and higher per head spending.

If there were are are still any doubts about the current climate in Spain and potential for serious short, mid and long term investment the summer should go some way to eradicating those doubters; quite simply – anyone involved in the tourism or hospitality sector in Spain has had not just a great year but also a record breaking summer with the signs looking positive for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Many investors and individuals considering a hospitality investment in Spain have missed the boat as far as the summer of 2016 goes, how long will the doubters wait before making the investment into Spain?